Pastor makes threats of bodily harm via Facebook (Chris Márquez, Reformed Church of Los Angeles)

The ‘Young, Restless, and Reformed’ (YRR) or New Calvinist movement is, in my opinion, a detestable fad. New Calvinists are not all the same, but many of them are known for either flaunting booze and worldly gimmicks, idolizing famous pastors, acting childish, and using foul language or coarse jokes. Over the past five years, I have witnessed these childish conceits, but now, sadly, I am forced to add physical threats to that list.


On October 23, 2020, I posted a theological challenge to a young man named Jehad about the doctrine of grace on my personal Facebook (FB) page, in hopes of debating the topic. Clearly, I disagreed with this young man’s theological stance on grace, and I believed it was heretical. There were comments in this social media thread that agreed with me, and others that did not. In this aforementioned FB post, I noticed that Jehad would not substantively respond to my theological stance, but strangely kept putting heart emoji on his friends' comments that were posted on my FB wall. But even more childish was the fact that I received a response from Chris Márquez that said, “here’s one for you,” which included a heart emoji.

Receiving this childish message above was awkward, because I did not know who Chris Márquez was at this point, nor do I recall ever having a conversation with him before. I was friends with him on FB, but I am friends on FB with many whom I do not know. Nonetheless, posting heart emoji’s and saying “here’s one for you” to other men on social media may be Márquez's 'thing', so to speak, but in my opinion, it is suspect and unbecoming of a man. As a result, I responded to Chris Márquez and made it clear that I am not approving of his comments to me.

But this would not be the last time I heard from Chris Márquez. I received a late night private message (via FB messenger) from Chris Márquez (12:39AM ET, Oct. 24, 2020) which said, “You gonna be at any conferences soon?”

1st Threat (Private)—Snap Shot Provided

One should not be surprised why I was not excited about receiving a private message (via FB messenger) from Chris Márquez. I did not know him, and I remembered that he was the same guy that posted heart emoji’s and addressed it to me on social media, and was now sending me late night messages. I looked him up on the internet and was surprised to see that Chris Márquez is a so called pastor at Reformed Church of Los Angeles. Therefore, I did not respond immediately, but waited till the morning at 9:59AM (Oct. 24, 2020) to respond.

Shockingly, I received my first threat from Chris Márquez. At this point, in my opinion, Márquez demonstrated by his thuggery that he is an unqualified pastor (cf. 1 Tim. 3:2-3), because making physical threats is not Christian; it is a crime. This is why I refer to him as a fake pastor (biblically unqualified).

Chris Márquez then proceeded to accuse me of calling him “gay.”

Chris Márquez not only makes physical threats, but is also guilty of bearing a false witness to justify his thuggery. For the record, I have never called Chris a homosexual, and I explained that to him as well which can be seen above. I did tell a friend on my social media page that, “I don't know if this guy is a homosexual, or if he thinks that nonsense is funny, but I don't.” The following snap-shot is proof:

As previously discussed, I explained to Chris Márquez that I never called him a homosexual, but he was not satisfied and felt that even "suggesting a pastor is gay" was lame, and continued with the following,

After listening to Márquez's clap-trap via FB instant messenger, I decided to make his threats publicly known to a friend on my FB page who had dealt with aggressive, 'Young, Restless, and Reformed' thugs also.

2nd Threat (Public)—Snap Shot Provided

Chris Márquez certainly did not shy away from making his thuggery and physical threats known again to me—not via private messenger—but directly on my Facebook page.

Because his comments were public, Chris Márquez decided to falsely accuse me once again by saying, "You called me (a pastor) a homosexual for posting a heart emoji in humor...", without providing any evidence, despite the fact that I said no such thing. As a result, I provided evidence that I never called him a homosexual, but said, "I don't know if this guy is a homosexual, or if he thinks that nonsense is funny, but I don't."

Making threats of bodily harm is a crime, and is unbecoming of a Christian. Not only did this thug, fake pastor Chris Márquez physically threaten me via FB messenger, but he also physically threatened me on my personal FB page by saying, "I stand by what I said, some people need to get chin checked once to solve that little problem." Consequently, I was forced to tell Chris Márquez, "do not post a message on my wall or private message me again," and, "...You might want to learn your state laws about sending someone threats, fake pastor." Closing My prayer is that no one who is attending or been a member of Reformed Church of Los Angeles has been physically threatened in any way by their so called pastor. And I pray that Chris Márquez will be counseled on his lack of self-control, and thuggery.

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