A Few Reasons Why Christians Should Reject the Well-Meant Offer Schizophrenia!

May 25, 2019

The so called “crux of the offer” [well-meant offer; WMO] that moderate Calvinists teach is a contradicting, and on some points, a schizophrenic position for anyone to hold. Check out the following examples to see why:


1.) The Bible teaches that God ordained the reprobate for destruction (cf. Rom. 9:21-23), while moderates teach that God “desires” to redeem them.


2.) The inspired Word of God is patently clear: the Lord Almighty hates the wicked (Ps. 5:5), but moderates teach that God loves all men without exception—to include the reprobate.


3.) In Holy Scripture, Yahweh loved and chose only the elect to be saved (Eph. 1:4-6), but moderates say that He also loves and desires to save everyone.


Does it make sense to argue that God desires to save the reprobate when He has decreed their reprobation? No, it sounds self-refuting and contradicting. Think about it, why would God desire to save anyone if He has already ordained their condemnation? As stupefying as this position is, moderates don’t seem to think so.


To exonerate themselves of the charge of affirming a contradicting and schizophrenic god, moderates will allege that God desires to save all without exception—despite the fact that He ordained the reprobate for perdition—because He has two wills: a will of decree and a will of desire.


In my opinion, it is stupefying for anyone to say that they believe in the immutability and simplicity of God, but simultaneously affirm the WMO notion which teaches that God has two wills. According to WMO theoreticians, God decreed the reprobate for perdition, but desires to save them. How can God’s will of decree and will of desire be in opposition or contradict each other? They cannot. That is why I say: let God be true, and every man a liar!


By holding and teaching this “two wills of God” position, WMO advocates are acting as psychotherapists who are trying to diagnose God of having either a personality or bi-polar disorder. Shame on them! God is not frustrated in His desire to save, nor does He contradict Himself.


Therefore, to declare that the WMO it not seriously contradicting is, in my opinion, intellectually dishonest. Of course, I am not naive to know that once someone rejects the WMO, moderates will cry “hyper-Calvinist.” This is expected. They are just emulating Arminians who also rely on ad-hominems and vituperation when someone refutes their contradicting, universal love of God assertions.


For the record, rejecting the WMO nonsense is not hyper-Calvinism—despite what moderate Calvinists think. As I have explained ad-nauseam, I believe, without reservation, that Christians are commanded to indiscriminately preach Christ to all men (without exception) irrespective of their convictions.


May God lead His sheep away from this ill-begotten progeny of Arminianism that is being proclaimed today by theological liberals who masquerade in Reformed garb.



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