Is Dr. Michael Brown a Brother in Christ? A Response to James White’s Desperate Ploys

Recently, James White welcomed Dr. Michael Brown on his dividing line episode. By now, many are aware that Mr. White perpetually refers to Dr. Brown as his brother in Christ. Is Dr. Brown a brother in Christ? Well, if you ask Mr. White, he will desperately tell you yes.

There are some who will argue that White calls Brown a brother and lauds him so much that maybe he thinks that if he says it enough, people will start to believe him. But if you compare Dr. Brown's semi-pelagian and charismatic chaotic doctrine with Scripture, you will undoubtedly see that he is not. Therefore, do not be duped by James’ subterfuge which has been deceiving many to think that Dr. Brown is a brother in Christ. In my opinion, James’ ploys are superstitious, and not scriptural. In this video, I will provide several reasons why.

For the record, I am not the only one that believes James is desperately wrong to assume that Brown is a brother in Christ. We will pray that God will open his eyes so he will see his error, instead of doing what he historically does when someone disagrees with him:

– Step 1: James will typically instigate arguments by calling them out, or by taking subtle jabs at individuals that he does not like, but when someone responds, he will further the dispute with childish conceits on the internet.

– Step 2: Next, James will run to his social media diary (Facebook, Twitter) to “incite” his followers so they will bombast individuals who disagree with him, or so he can play victim to protect his popularity.

– Step 3: On social media, James will accuse anyone that disagrees with him of cultivating a hit-piece against him, slander, being childish, judging from afar, yellow journalism, or he will mock them over grammar, or simply call their arguments imbecilic.

– Step 4: Lastly, James will host a 1-2 hour dividing line episode so he can arrogantly mock or ridicule his opponents. During this time, James will inform the populace that he will easily refute all of the arguments made against him, which is interesting in my opinion, because a child can refute arguments, especially when no one is debating them back.

James White's behavior is predictable. And we are not the only ones that noticed.

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