Greek Orthodoxy & Hank Hanegraaff's Apostasy (By Sonny Hernandez)

The Greek Orthodox religion is subdued by their sacramental governance and delirious traditions which appeal to corruptible flesh, and not the Christian Faith. Consequently, devout Orthodox Hellenes are held under the thralldom of their so called “Holy Synod.”

Orthodox Priests, who are false prophets, not faithful preachers, are mouthpieces for this vitiated religion. Many of them will brazenly reject justification by faith alone, the sufficiency of Scripture, substitutionary atonement, particular redemption, and the doctrine of election. But not all priests are bold to admit this.

To complicate things, there are some priests who are surreptitious about their convictions. Is it to avoid controversy? By the way many of them unintelligibly discuss their doctrinal distinctives, it is hard not to assume that they have inscrutable motives. They are not the only ones. Many of their proselytes will also.

Consider Hank Hanegraaff—a former Bible scholar who apostatized from Protestantism into Eastern Orthodoxy. When scrutinized for detracting from the faith, he insisted that his objectors are not intuitively aware of what all Eastern Orthodox sects affirm, but provided no exegetical or theological arguments to exonerate himself of backsliding. After listening to his video response, it is disturbing to hear Hanegraaff's "works" arguments. And in my opinion, it appeared that his responses were desperate so that he could remain conciliatory with close friends that would never yoke themselves with anyone who blatantly denied the faith as he has.

Greek Orthodox acolytes will also use inclusive rhetoric and sophistry so the populace will remain tolerant of their beliefs. For this reason, Christians should never be duped into thinking that devout Orthodox Hellenes are saved Christians. If God saves someone, He will extract them out of their bondage, and those recipients of His effectual grace will come out from among their despicable sacramental systems and traditions.

It is important to remember that the Greek Orthodox religion has millions of members around the world. Orthodox Hellenes in Greece, when pressed to give an account for their faith, are not able to articulate how their beloved Orthodox traditions are justified in Scripture. That is because the vast majority of them do not even read the Greek NT that they claim to affirm, while others who do read, will remain silent in order to avoid offending one of their family members or friends.

Orthodox Hellenes need to be warned that their perpetual love for iconography, theosis, and venerating saints will never deliver them from their sins. Only the Gospel can unite them to the substitute and Savior who died and infallibly secured salvation for His particular people—not because of works or traditions—but by the electing and discriminative grace of God who declares men to be justified by faith alone.

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