Anti-Hell False Teachers: What Christians Need to Know (Sonny Hernandez)

February 4, 2019

There are many anti-Hell advocates (who affirm soul sleep, conditional immortality, or annihilationism) who will allege that they are perpetually misrepresented for rejecting the biblical doctrine of Hell—because they claim to believe in the doctrine of Hell—but simply reject that it is a place of “everlasting conscious torment” [ECT]. But these heretics fail to realize that once you reject ECT, you are rejecting the biblical doctrine of Hell, because the Bible explicitly teaches that Hell is a place of “everlasting conscious torment.” 


In short, anti-Hell heretics (conditional immortality) affirm that all men without exception are not born with immortal souls, which is a notion that cannot be found in Scripture, and will pervert passages like 2 Tim. 1:10 to argue that only the elect are given immortality. These anti-Hell Bible twisters fail to realize that the word “immortality” is a mistranslation of the word in Greek. The word in Greek (aphtharsian) does not mean immortality, it means incorruptible. This text [2 Tim. 2:1:10] lends no support to the wishful thinking of anti-Hell advocates who think they have a hidden ace up their sleeve. Though the 17th century English rendering has the word immortality in 2 Tim. 1:10, the original has another term, incorruptible. Notice also that it is not immortality that is revealed as a light but the incorruptibility and inviolability of our redemption in Christ. From eternity God graces His elect. Now, in time, Christ has shone and enlightened us about the incorruptible nature of eternal life that we are given. To suggest that the KJV by itself in this verse based on one word overturns centuries of theological scholarship ever before Christians spoke any Anglophone tongue, is as noted already, wishful thinking.


It is important to note that anti-Hell heretics are not just Arminian, Charismatic, or members of a cult. There are many who will vehemently claim to believe in the Doctrines of Grace and the imputed righteousness of Christ. But which Christ do they affirm? Is it the Christ who said that Hell is not a place of everlasting conscious torment? Is it the Christ who said that denying the everlasting conscious torment of Hell is not that big of a deal? Is it the Jesus who would tolerate their repeated twisting of Scripture of teaching that only the elect will have immortality, and not those who are consigned to Hell? Sorry anti-Hell heretics, that jesus you affirm is not the Jesus of the Bible. 


Anti-Hell heretics are subtle. I know many who will not come out in the open and say, “I don’t believe in the everlasting conscious torment of Hell,” or “I believe only the elect have immortal souls, not all without exception.” Instead, they will leach on Christians who will listen to their heresy, and will argue that denying ECT is not a Gospel issue. Therefore, if you know of someone who affirms the anti-Hell heresy, challenge them to be bold and let the world know what they believe. Many of them will not! They know that they will be ostracized for their heresy, which is why they will cling to ill-advised pastors, or biblically illiterate professing Christians who will tolerate their bad theology that most cults affirm. 


To the compromisers who defend these internet anti-Hell heretics, you should consider it a Gospel issue when men repeatedly twist voluminous Bible verses to deny the everlasting conscious torment of Hell, or try to pervert Scripture to argue that all men without exception do not have immortal souls, or lie about passages like 2 Tim. 1:10 to maintain that only the elect have immortality, etc. 


Sadly, there are even sovereign grace Christians who ardently believe in the Doctrines of Grace, and claim to believe in the whole counsel of Scripture, but will defend men who not only affirm, but will publicly teach their anti-Hell heresy of conditional immortality. I am perplexed how any sovereign grace believer could defend Bible twisting, anti-Hell heretics, and then maintain that it is not a Gospel issue. This is not biblical integrity, it is blissful ignorance. 


Let’s see if the anti-Hell heretics I mentioned, especially those who claim to believe in the Doctrines of Grace, will accept my challenge. Be transparent about your convictions, and let the world see that you (1) deny the everlasting conscious torment of Hell; and (2) that you affirm the notion that only the elect will have immortality, not those who are consigned to Hell. Post that on your Facebook wall for all to see. 



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