Forgetting James White's Unbiblical Dialogue (By Sonny Hernandez)

Yes, two years have gone by quickly, but not quick enough. James White’s interfaith dialogue with his Jihadi Imam 'mentor' [Dr. Yasir Qadhi] was one of the most compromising, unbiblical events that has ever transpired among American Christianity.1 Therefore, I am perplexed why a Reformed apologist would post this pic, when he should be praying that Christians would forget that his interfaith dialogue with Dr. Qadhi ever transpired. I will offer a few reasons why:

Dr. Yasir Qadhi, a Jihadi Imam, (picture above) was welcomed into a church, unchallenged, where he blasphemed the Trinity, while James referred to him as his "mentor," and implied that consistent Islam is a religion of peace. To make matters worse about this interfaith event, White never proclaimed the Gospel, and made no effort to refute Dr. Qadhi’s blasphemy, but said that he sensed a 'kindred spirit' in him [Dr. Qadhi], which is clearly not Christian, but compromising. With all due respect, a child or a layman with a Bible in their hands would have done more for the Body of Christ by citing Scripture passages to the Muslim than what White did in the entire two-hour long event.

As Christians, we can be grateful that Elijah did not call one of the false prophets his "mentor" in an unchallenged, interfaith dialogue, but challenged them to debate, and I am glad that Paul called the pagans to repent, not say that he sensed a kindred spirit in them. To have a real "dividing line," Christians must appeal to biblical fidelity, not biased friendships.

Do not display hatred to Muslims! On the contrary, show love to them because Muslims are made in the image of God. The greatest testimony of love that you can show to a Muslim is to declare Christ to them, and refute their gross blasphemy, but never mislead them with friendship evangelism gimmicks, or with unbiblical practices that are disguised as Reformed apologetics. Despite what James White believes, or has implied, consistent Islam is a religion of peril, not peace.

Greg Bahnsen once offered some helpful advice to apologists. He said to never debate on their [unbelievers] terms, do not fall into the pretended neutrality trap, and never abandon your worldview [Christian] when defending the faith. Therefore, if you profess to be a born again believer, follow the example of Paul, Elijah, and Christ when defending the faith. If you do, you will preach the Gospel, defend the faith, and not fall into compromise when doing so.

Mr. White, very respectfully, I pray that you reconsider posting your sentimental pictures that would mislead Christians to think that your interfaith dialogue with Dr. Qadhi was biblical. Two years have gone by quickly, but I pray that more years will go by where Christians will forget about this event that was, in my opinion, embarrassing, and grossly unbiblical. Therefore, do not resurrect this event, but let it dwindle away and stay in the past where Christians will forget that it ever took place.

[1] Disclaimer: in the following link, Christ was never preached, blasphemy was left unchallenged, and a Reformed apologist implied that consistent Islam is peaceful, and not perilous:

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