Islam: The Religion of peril, not peace. 
What Christians need to know about Islam!

Do you believe that Islam is peaceful? If you do, please do not be deceived. To avoid being deceived, you must be informed about the threat of Islam. Islam is not rooted in equality; it is rooted in evil. And their tenets of faith were founded on slavery that has never been abolished (cf. Bukhari 1.8.440). If Muslims are true and consistent with their tenets of faith that are in the Quran, you need to be shown how serious the threat of Islam is:

African Americans should note that Islam’s prophet Mohammed should never be regarded as reverent person—but rather a racist pedophile. He referred to black people as “raisin heads” (Bukhari 1.11.662), and had sex with a little child (cf. Bukhari 7.62.88).

Women and children are tumultuously victimized by the religion of Islam. According to Islam: women are inferior to men (cf. Bukhari 1.6.301); are property of their husbands (cf. Quran 2.223), and are diabolically forced to have their female genitals mutilated (cf. Sahih Muslim 3.684). The Quran permits men to rape an unlimited amount of women (cf. 24.33), and murder their wives (cf. Quran 4.34). And Allah, the false god of Islam, allows Muslim men to rape little children (cf. Quran 4.3; cf. Sahih Muslim 8.3309-3311).

Muslims are commanded to forcibly subjugate all non-Muslims to Islam and kill anyone who will not affirm Allah, or his messenger Muhammad (Quran 9.5; 9.29). Consider how violent the religion of Islam is in its teachings:

Muslims must not take non-Muslims as friends (cf. Quran 3:28); must maim and crucify anyone who criticizes Islam (cf. Quran 5:33); must terrorize and behead those who affirm Scriptures other than the Quran (cf. Quran 8:12); must urge Muslims to fight stupid non-Muslims (cf. Quran 8:65); must slay non-Muslims wherever they find them (cf. Quran 2:191); must make war with non-Muslims that live in their neighborhood (cf. Quran 9:123); must punish non-Muslims with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water, and melt their skin with bellies (cf. Quran 22:19), and must behead non-Muslims when they catch them (cf. Quran 47:4). The threat of Islam will never cease until all non-Muslims are deceased (cf. Quran 9.73).

Islamic proponents may or will vehemently deny all of the aforementioned Islamic tenets and will claim to be tolerant of all faiths. Why would they do this? Lying is encouraged to advance the cause of Islam according to their articles of religion (cf. Sahih Muslim 32.6303). Why should you care if any Muslim is amicable and inclusive of others? If you ascertain what Muslims believe, their affiliations, and their plan for war against non-Muslims (Jihad), you will see the phases of how Muslims tend to non-Muslims:

  • (Phase 1) Muslims will use pithy statements of love, tolerance, equality, and neutrality with non-Muslims (cf. Quran 109:1-6).

  • (Phase 2) Muslims are permitted to war against all adversaries (cf. Quran 22:39-41).

  • (Phase 3) Muslims are directed to slaughter pagans and subdue Christians and Jews (cf. Quran 9:1-6, 29-31).

In closing, please note that I am not inciting anyone to mistreat Muslims, nor am I consigning them to hell. I am arguing that Christians should start declaring the Gospel to Muslims, and stop acting like Islam is not blasphemous, and wicked. Do not be deceived! Islam is perilous, not peaceful. That is why you must tell Muslims about Christ! When you share Christ with Muslims, do not: embrace neutrality with them, debate on their terms, or refer to the Gospel as simply the best hope to save them. The Gospel is the "only" hope of salvation that can save their souls from hell. True love warns! Please share this article with your friends, and pray that Muslims will come to know Christ the Lord—the second person of the Trinity. Christ is our only hope.

"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12).

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