Beth Moore: The Southern Baptist False Teacher

Beth Moore has published several benighted works that carnal women will laud. There are several reasons why carnal women have either a kindred spirit or ardor towards this false teacher. Many will argue that there are things about Beth Moore’s teachings they like, and things they don’t like. In other words, they rely on subterfuge to argue that they can ingest the good, and eviscerate the bad—which is akin to saying that “purity can be coalesced with pollution.” To broach this notion, they would have to completely ignore the Master’s polemical thrust: “Whoever is not with me is against me…” (Matt. 12:30). This is what happens when women are not shepherded by their husbands, and their pastors are nothing more than hirelings that are described in John 10:12—that see this wolf (Beth Moore) coming and they flee—by not warning the sheep!

Beth Moore is a wolf, and a deceiver of false Christians. And unconverted women are not able to see this (1 Cor. 2:14). Beth Moore has unequivocally stated that she has received “direct revelation from God”; she has bloviated about being interdenominationally mingled with her Roman Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ; and is well known for being yoked to some of the most disreputable charlatans (i.e., Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen etc.).

For any woman to affirm Beth Moore as a Christian that loves God, would require them to appeal to either ignorance or evil. For women that are ignorantly not aware, they will receive the truth about Moore’s heresy, and flee from this wolf. They will see the truth that her teachings are not only irreconcilable to Scripture, but also stupefying. For women that are evil, they will desperately rely on sophistry to soothe their conscience, or they will seek the approval of other carnal women like themselves to justify their compromise. No matter how biblical the case is that indicts Moore’s false teaching, they will not heed the warning; they will mitigate it!

Michelle Lesley provided a blunt response to this wolf in Southern Baptist clothing:

The first thing you need to know about Beth Moore, if you don’t already, is that she is a false teacher who is living in current, unrepentant sin. She teaches false doctrine and twists Scripture to scratch the itching ears of her followers. She sinfully and rebelliously preaches to men, and she yokes in “ministry” with false teachers. These are not my personal opinions, these are verifiable facts. (See my article Five Reasons It’s Time to Exercise Moore Discernment for the evidence. You don’t have to take my word for it. Compare the things she says and does with Scripture (rightly handled and in context) and it will quickly become crystal clear.)

Please pray for unconverted women that are apathetic to Moore’s apostasy. They need to hear the Gospel. And they will not receive the true gospel by wasting their life reading frivolous satire articles (Babylon Bee), or by embracing gospel-less, New Evangelical social blogs (Gospel Coalition). Only the unfeigned, unfettered, effectual, promiscuous, and particular Gospel will rescue them from their Beth Moore delusion.

If you know someone that follows heretic Beth Moore, please click on this link, and share.

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