New Calvinism: The Bastardization of the Reformed Faith (By Sonny Hernandez)

May 7, 2018


This is an excerpt from Sonny’s book, “High Calvinism: A Consistent Approach to Defend and Declare God’s Sovereignty.” To get a copy of this book, click here.



New Calvinism is a counterfeit Christian fad that appeals to Calvinistic soteriology while simultaneously embracing pretentious gimmicks. Acolytes of this worldly movement are often referred to as “Young, Restless, and Reformed” (YRR). To comprehend the gross and vexing New Calvinism fad, Christians must hypothetically envisage John Calvin yoking himself with a carnal woman like Britney Spears.


            Why would this unconventional relationship be deemed abysmal? Very simply, Calvin lauded the Word, while Spears lavishes the world. Both worldviews are diametrically opposed. Light has no fellowship with darkness (2 Cor. 6:14), and truly regenerate believers do not embrace friendship with the world (Jam. 4:4). It is self-refuting and heretical for Christians to think that they can have a true affinity for the Bible while at the same time possessing a desire for blasphemy. It is not plausible to coalesce the purity of Scripture with the pollution of worldliness. They don’t mix!


            New Calvinism is also a proliferating trend that is fulsome to unconverted men and women. This is not perplexing––idolatry and worldliness are as well! Unregenerate men and women will always laud worldliness because it offers and sustains them with everything they truly desire and lavish. This is one of the reasons why New Calvinists employ their dissolute methods. They vacuously think that it is a prerequisite to be culturally acceptable.


            For this reason, they will declare the gospel with gimmicks, mix theatrics with theology, promote the infallible Bible and booze, laud church and cigars, discuss truth and tattoos, advertise Christ and comedy––and many will substitute holiness and reverence for hip-hop and rap. This is blasphemous. Nowhere in God’s preceptive will does He command men to integrate His Word with the world. The gospel alone is sufficient to save!


            New Calvinist proselytes are not amicable toward men who chide and expose their bastardized schemes. These young, restless, and wannabe reformed profligates will desperately try to extenuate their worldliness. They will severely reprehend their opponents with a barrage of allegations, or they will revile them with sardonic comments. It is not uncommon for New Calvinists to aggressively revile their opponents by crying “legalist,” “teetotaler,” “judgmental,” “slander” and “unloving.” And they will accost all publications that threaten their popularity as yellow journalism, or “hit-pieces” that are scurrilous.


            In this essay, I will argue that New Calvinism is a bastardization of the Reformed faith. Since there are several luminaries of this movement that will grossly mix their teachings on gospel essentials with gimmicks and entertainment, I will provide several reasons and examples to explain why this degenerate movement is not only popular, but also perverted. And I will provide several responses to their childish conceits that masquerade as Reformed theology.



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