Moderate Calvinism: Apostate Movement That Defends Semi-Pelagianism (By Sonny Hernandez)

April 19, 2018


This is an excerpt from Sonny’s book, “High Calvinism: A Consistent Approach to Defend and Declare God’s Sovereignty.” To get a copy of this book, click here.



Moderate Calvinism is a theological anomaly that is pervading the culture. Not only is it vexing, it is also the bastardization of the Reformed faith that is precipitating gross compromise. And this detraction from the historic Reformed faith is not infinitesimal. On the contrary, this popular movement has led many supporters and even theological stalwarts down the unbridled path to apostasy.


            Moderate Calvinism is fake Calvinism that is disguised in Reformed garb. What is a moderate Calvinist? A moderate Calvinist is an individual who posits: Arminians are brothers and sisters in Christ, Arminianism is not heresy, the five points of Calvinism [viz. “the doctrines of grace”] are merely adiaphora or a system of theology that Christians can either agree or disagree with and still be brothers. None of these enumerations are commensurate with the Bible, or with any of the Reformed confessions. In Scripture, Christians censured theological deviations; they did not defend them. This is why this fake Calvinism should be upbraided. 


            Several concerns exist with this backsliding position. Moderate Calvinists are gaining popularity for coalescing biblical vigor with compromise by adamantly defending the semi-Pelagian lies of Arminianism, and peevishly accosting men who would dare unveil the heresies that exist in the essentials of Arminianism. Both of these aberrant notions are amalgamations of counterfeit Calvinism––the quintessential backsliding from the Reformed faith. No wonder there have been several appellations that have been ascribed to this compromising worldview such as moderate Calvinism, or hypo-Calvinism.


            In this essay, moderate Calvinism will be discussed further. And it will not be lauded as Christ-honoring, but rather loathed as fake Christianity disguised in Reformed garb.




            Even though Arminianism is not found in the Bible, nor can it be attributed to saving anyone, not everyone will agree that it is heresy or even a gospel issue. Moderate Calvinists, who profess to be Reformed, will relentlessly defend anti-Reformed men and the heresies they purport. They will pander to either friends or family members who may become offended over Calvinistic soteriology. And they will seek the approval of popular teachers or advance an ad populum as the criteria to determine how to classify Arminianism. Not only is this ignominious, it is also compromising and inconsistent. Several reasons exist why:


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