A Public Debate Challenge for "Rethinking Hell" (By Sonny Hernandez)

“Rethinking Hell” is a professing Christian website that publishes a myriad of articles that reject the biblical doctrine of hell. This is not a joke! There are actually men that deny the traditional view of hell and deliriously think they are Christians. This is heresy masquerading as Christian orthodoxy. Christians must avoid these unscrupulous men that controvert the biblical doctrine of hell. Avoid being empathetic to their shoddy articles, wily orations, or their “last-ditch” accusations towards men that disagree with them.

The "Rethinking Hell" followers are aggressive in propagating their superstition. Several individuals have excessively trolled our (Reforming America Ministries) social media page. They posted over 300 comments on just a single post that we published regarding the traditional position of hell—which many had to be deleted. Dialogue is always welcome. However, when individuals start trying to desperately harass Christians on our page by excessively posting “Rethinking Hell” articles or other unbiblical publications to propagate their fiction, we will delete. This is not open for debate. It’s sad that the “Rethinking Hell” representatives have so many followers that are gaining notoriety for excessively trolling pages to propagate their fictitious doctrines.

Men that deny the biblical doctrine of hell (“everlasting conscious torment”) are nothing new. Throughout history, Satan has been employing benighted men as his instruments to circulate aberrations that are disguised as Christian doctrine. That is why ignorant men will teach annihilationism—which is an aberration that cannot be demonstrated in the Bible—because the word “annihilationism” does not appear in either the Hebrew or Greek manuscripts. What world religions deny everlasting conscious torment? Cults (Jehovah Witnesses, SDA, etc.), popular heretics (Rob Bell), Unitarian Universalists, and professing atheists are a few examples.

This is not the only heresy that is closely associated with denying a literal, everlasting “conscious” torment. There are several. For example: The conditional immortality argument—which is not exactly synonymous with annihilationism—is also a derogation from Christian orthodoxy. Conditional immortality teaches that the unsaved will receive permanent destruction—to include any “finite conscious torment.” Men that deny annihilationism but teach conditional immortality are thus guilty of “jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.”

The Bible explicitly teaches about everlasting conscious torment [viz. hell]—where the wicked will be cast into hell, and God’s retributive justice will render to them “everlasting contempt” (Dan. 12:2), “unquenchable fire” (Matt. 3:12), “damnation” (Matt. 23:33), “eternal punishment” (Matt. 25:41), and “everlasting destruction” (2 Thess. 1:9). It is important to note that the Master (Christ) taught on hell more than anyone in the Bible.

Sadly, there are even professing Calvinists that agree with annihilationists by either affirming their heresy—or don’t feel that "annihilationism" is a “big deal" that Christians should divide over. Christians must avoid unscrupulous men that controvert the biblical doctrine of hell.

Unregenerate men that deny the “everlasting conscious torment” of hell and many ignorant professing Christians will posit that, "Denying the everlasting conscious torment of hell is not a gospel issue.” Is it a Gospel issue? Yes! The everlasting God must render everlasting salvation for His elect, and everlasting damnation for His enemies. This is constituted in His word. Therefore, denying this doctrine is tantamount to calling God a liar, declaring that His word is wrong, and robbing God of the glory that He receives from rendering "everlasting conscious torment" on His enemies.

In closing, I would like to publicly invite any direct representative from “Rethinking Hell” to put their theological interpretation on the line for examination [viz. debate]. I have already presented a proposition to debate any one of their representatives. As expected, all I was given were excuses (i.e., time constraints, issues, etc…). I can understand time constraints, but a debate could easily be planned for 2019.

Men that teach annihilationism are heretics. Their arguments are not congruent with Christ, but with cults. Therefore, true Christians must come out from among them.

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Sonny Hernandez