Reformed Theology or Deformed Thinking? Another Response to James White

In the opening of the recent Dividing Line (Jan 2, 2018), Mr. James White boasted about his friend Dr. Michael Brown almost as much as he boasts about himself. Yes, Mr. White actually boasted about someone other than himself for a change, which says something about this particular episode.

During the episode, White seized the opportunity not to defend the Doctrines of Grace, but to defend his friendship with Dr. Brown. An objective observer would never know that Mr. White is even a Calvinist—given the fact that he appeared to not only be a cheerleader for the Charismatic, universal atonement believing Dr. Brown, but also since he said absolutely nothing when Dr. Brown publicly declared his belief in universal atonement—which is an attack on the heart of the Gospel. This is what happens when men like White rely on their biased friendships, and not biblical fidelity.

No one is arguing that Mr. White should have inexorably attacked Dr. Brown for rejecting the Gospel, which appears to be a straw-man argument that White uses to excoriate other Calvinists that disagree with him—since he keeps referencing “other Calvinists that are not gracious with the Doctrines of Grace.” However, White was silent, when his guest publicly declared another gospel on his show that he calls the “Dividing Line.” The Doctrines of Grace are not the doctrines of adiaphora that Christians can treat like a secondary issue that is non-salvific. White could have easily corrected Dr. Brown with love especially since his discussion with Dr. Brown was amicable. But White made no such correction when another gospel was professed on his show! This clearly shows what Mr. White’s dividing line truly is: Anything that threatens or exposes his pride, popularity, or his prejudicial compromise.

Not to mention, at the end of the episode, White sounded like a whiny antagonist towards other Calvinists that do not agree with his namby-pamby philosophy of ministry. If Mr. White thinks that running to his social media diary to declare his public friendship with a leading charismatic, universal atonement believing man is a model of rectitude that other Christians should follow, he is sadly mistaken. This is certainly not reformed theology—it is deformed thinking.

Mr. White has made it a point to reiterate that he is against other Calvinists who he deems as ungracious. Here is my translation for Mr. White’s argument: If other Calvinists are not willing to accept his namby-pamby philosophy of calling men “brothers” that reject the Gospel then they are unhinged or unintelligent. Moreover, he will run to his social media diary to either mock or ridicule others that disagree with him, then he is going to use his public figure status to either play the innocent, loving victim, or incite his fan boys or make a public spectacle of his opponents. This boastful man is predictable. After all Mr. White, this is what tenured and mature elders do in your worldview, correct?

In closing, Mr. White, you continue to keep doing everything that we have said that you will do. What next? Are you going to keep running to your social media diary? Are you going to keep psycho-babbling about other Calvinists that don’t agree with your compromising philosophy of ministry? Are you going to host another Dividing Line to tell the world that you have or are going to refute us? A child can do that, especially when no one is debating you.

Don’t forget, James: You called the “Howsian group” cowards for not putting their theological interpretation on the line for examination. Yet, you ridicule our position on Arminianism as heresy and our view on determinism—yet you have clearly ignored our debate requests to put your theological interpretation on the line. This is hypocrisy and cowardice, and you know it.

Our debate requests still stand, and you know what they are. Either debate, or keep hiding behind your social media diary, like we predict you will...

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