James White's Hypocrisy & Cowardice! Hernandez & Zachariades Offer a Third Challenge

Mr. James White, your conduct is not only disconcerting in so many ways—but by your own standard—it is also cowardly. You called the “Howsian group” cowards for not putting their theological interpretation on the line for examination. Yet, you ridicule our position on Arminianism as heresy and our view on determinism—yet you have clearly ignored our debate requests to put your theological interpretation on the line. This is hypocrisy and cowardice, and you know it.

It’s time for you to stop hiding behind your computer. Telling the world that you have refuted our arguments on your "Dividing Line" program is childish. In fact, a child could say those things, since a child can refute any argument when no one is debating that child. Also, your namby-pamby Calvinism is nauseating. Calling other Calvinists out like Dr. Robert Morey and us on your social media diary, but popishly call Arminians brothers in Christ, is proof of your compromise and pride.

We thought you were the fierce debater that causes men to tremble. We were assured by your own statements that you are such a seasoned pro with one hundred and sixty debates to your name. Remember when you boasted about that? What are you afraid of? If you can pack so much exegesis in an opening five minutes than we can in our entire last debate, then this should be a walk in the park for you. You have sounded so confident in your dealing with this on the program when you critiqued our debate and boasted about yourself. But, there are no opponents on your show, it is just you and your researchers providing you with pat answers.

Our debate request still stands: We challenge you to debate the matter of determinism and the proposition: “In a Calvinist worldview Is freedom necessary for accountability to God?” You can define freedom as you are so often heard to do, and call it “creaturely freedom” or “creaturely will.”

If you are not willing to do this we will continue to call out your compromising view, and we will defend a consistent position that makes no concessions to Arminianism. As you have gone on record to defend Michael Brown and call him your brother, we offer another possible debate: You and Dr. Brown vs. Sonny Hernandez and Theodore Zachariades on the proposition: “Are Arminians our brothers in the faith?” Now, that would be something! You could take us both out with one stone.

Come on, Mr. White, stop hiding and show us that you can put your theology on the line for rebuttal in a real exchange. We are willing to do this, and even willing to take on the champion debater who boasts about the number of his debates frequently. So, what is the problem? Why are you running and why are you hiding?

Hopefully, when you receive this message, you will consider stepping away from behind your computer to debate consistent Calvinists with whom you seem to have a problem. Or else, you are going to keep doing what we know you will do: snap-shot our comments so you can run to your social media diary to incite your followers to either play victim or mock and ridicule us, which will not prove a thing, except that you are a coward—by your own standard. This, is why we are convinced that you are a bad example for young men to follow.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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