Arminianism is Still Heresy: A Response to Moderate Calvinists that Defend Arminianism

This is an excerpt from Sonny’s book, “High Calvinism: A Consistent Approach to Defend and Declare God’s Sovereignty.” To get a copy of this book, click here.

Recently, I published an article titled: “Arminianism: A Cheap Grace, Gospel-less Heresy.” As a result, James White posted a question on his social media diary (i.e., Facebook) that was publicly addressed to me:

Cogent and Concise Response to Mr. White:

Your question falsely assumes that I am arguing that the criteria or standard to determine if an individual is saved is their ability to articulate theological conviction with precision. This is not my position. The “semi-educated ol' preacher” you described, who hates Calvinism, may still preach the gospel accurately and simply, as Christ Himself said, in John 6:47: “…he that believes in me has eternal life.” The preacher may say this and a person may believe this to be the truth, by God’s grace, and thus trust Christ. However, this does not mean that, if asked to articulate and express the content of the gospel, that the “semi-educated ol' preacher” you described would do so correctly. It is not his view of the gospel that saves––it is the gospel.

Even false teachers may sometimes preach the truth. If our Master is going to save, He will do so irrespective of what anyone thinks or does, because it is not man that saves another; it is and always will be the gospel that is the power of God to salvation. When an individual comes to faith, their salvation must be attributed to the true gospel, not a false one. As I stated in the article, Arminianism is a false gospel that cannot save, nor has it ever saved anyone. This is why I do not popishly assume they are saved, nor do I mislead them by calling them “brother.” On the contrary, I witness to them.

Maybe it is your assumption that the content of the gospel is not in any way filled with Calvinist freight but is merely adiaphora. I beg to differ. The gospel is about what God has done in Christ. Arminianism denies central aspects of the work of Christ and exalts the powers of man. The gospel that our Lord preached, and that the apostles defended, was worth starting a fight with a fellow apostle (Gal. 2). It should not surprise lovers of the gospel when men such as Pritchett and Flowers are dedicated to the overturning of these precious truths. They have made it their life's work to attack the doctrines of grace. So, it should not surprise those who love the gospel that some of us will fight for it.

Here are additional objections and questions that moderate Calvinists will use to defend Arminianism. Responses are included for each of them:

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